GenF20 side effects

Many people wonder what the side effects of GenF20 Plus are, but honestly speaking, there are none that I know of. If you undergo HGH injections, you might possibly experience some side effects since HGH is one of the most powerful hormones in the body, and getting direct injections of the hormone itself can trigger many unforeseen results.

But GenF20 Plus is different, because it works by encouraging the pituitary to go to work, but doesn’t force it to do anything. It doesn’t contain any HGH per se, and therefore, does not add to it in the bloodstream. It does contain IGF-1 because it is found in colostrum and deer antler velvet, but IGF-1 is a by product of HGH, and its presence appears to help stimulate production of HGH itself.

Some side effects of HGH injections that have been reported are carpal tunnel syndrome, water retention, acromegaly, diabetes, and cancer. These only occurred when the patient undergoing the injections took a higher dosage than he/she needed, either through self treatment (which is illegal by law) or was treated by an incompetent doctor. At any case, these side effects are rare by themselves, but can occur as a result of undergoing injections – So beware of these if you are considering injections. On the other hand, when the body naturally produces HGH, it knows how to regulate and cut off any excessive levels.

GenF20 Plus is NOT tantamount to HGH injections, but an all natural way of inducing HGH release via stimulating the pituitary gland. So, the risk of any side effects is actually none (that I am aware of). You might feel a little more stimulated (heightened metabolism feeling) after taking GenF20 Plus on an empty stomach, but that’s just about all the side effects you are going to get. Another possible side effect is mild diarrhea if you take too high a dose; any excess amino acids in poor form will cause this, but it is absolutely nothing to be worried about!

Take advantage or ride the wave of the heightened release of growth hormone in your body immediately afterwards, by indulging in your favourite sports – That is how it is meant to work.